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The Answers You Need

How soon should I reserve my date?

Since COVID happened, bookings have been taking place 6 months to a year before the wedding. To avoid missing us, we recommend booking as soon as you have your date set.

Do you travel outside of San Diego?

Yes! Travel arrangements and compensation will be negotiated for any destination that may include flight, car rental and hotel stay.

Do you require a minimum?

We currently do not require a minimum if services are to be provided in San Diego County. Outside of San Diego County we will require a $500 service minimum per artist involved, travel fee not included.

Can I make changes to my booking after I reserve my date?

We have no problem adding on more services, however, you cannot deduct the original number you signed to. Please ensure you provide enough notice when adding more services so we can make sure we have enough artists to accommodate.

Can I book a trial before reserving my wedding day?

You are more than welcome to schedule a trial/preview prior to reserving your date. Just keep in mind that your date will not be reserved without a signed contract and retainer.

How much time do you allow for each service?

We typically allot 45 minutes per guest service and 1 hr for the bride. Based on the bridal party's needs, we will adjust accordingly.

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